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Etsy Shop

I’ve recently begun regularly stocking my etsy shop. I’m adding a few charm beads here and there but mostly you’ll still find my beads that fit Pandora and trollbeads over at ebay. I have a new line of jewelry over on Etsy featuring my TINIEST lampwork beads on a fine sterling silver chain. I’m adding new designs at all times but currently have listed owls, hedgehogs, foxes, orchids, ladyslippers, ladybugs, paw prints, footprints and more.


Halloween Already?

August is my favorite month. Here in Maine most of the evil biting insects are gone by August but it’s still fully summer. There are wild blueberries and gorgeous sunsets and fresh food aplenty in the garden. There are chanterelles (a wild mushroom that tastes better than lobster or bacon) to be found in the woods and wildflowers abound.  It’s also the month that I first start to make Halloween beads. I’ve just started feeling confident making my own murrini, so the possibilities of new designs are better than ever. To find these beads or some like them, here’s the link to my store.  http://stores.ebay.com/European-Charm-Beads-by-Mandy?_rdc=1