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Wearing Charm Beads in Unexpected Ways

 This is a necklace I wear all the time, and while it’s very unique to me personally, I wanted to share it with you so it can give you an idea of how to wear my or other brands of charm beads without a Pandora, Trollbead or other brand bracelet.

The gold chain is
antique from I think the late 1800’s and it’s a little longer than I
like. It came on an antique locket I got lucky and won in an eBay auction. I thought about shortening it but because it’s antique I didn’t
want to alter it. However with the beads added in this way it’s the perfect
length. The lion charm is a very sentimental piece that I’ve had since
junior high. The two glass beads are beads I made and liked how they
turned out so much couldn’t bare to sell them. One is a simple encased
dot bead and the other is one of my large focal flower garden beads. I SO adore teal with a little bit of purple. This necklace combines many things dear to me, gold AND silver, lions, flowers, luna moths, and antique things.

To make a piece similar like this, all you need is…

-A charm or pendant

-One of more charm beads

-A flexible chain, preferable in some kind of link style. Most chains sold as rollo, cable or link should work. Make sure to get a length longer than the length you like to wear. If the chains clasp is not simple or is too wide the beads may not fit but for the vast majority of chains this is not a problem.

Add your beads onto the chain  first, then add your charm and simply double the chain through the beads again. Center them out on the chain and you’re done!