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Finding beauty on an ugly day.

 I get really blue if I don’t get outside nearly everyday.  This time of year in Maine is really dreary, especially on a drizzly day such as today.  It never ceases to amaze me how much beauty you can find outside on the nastiest days if you really look.  I found a few beautiful subjects worth photographing and enhanced the colors to make them more interesting. 

I haven’t been making as many beads as usual as I always find the just before Christmas season slow.  I’ve been focusing on new designs and what really inspires me.  Here is a new focal bead called “Romance Roses”.


Bezel Set Cabochon Pendants

I’ve wanted to make something like this for a very long time and finally came up with these.  They are a challenge as the cabochons have to be made on a special mandrel so it’s a little stressful to make them for a few reasons.  The area I usually add detail to is at a different angle so adding all the little dots that make up the flower petals is a lot more difficult than it would be on a regular bead.  Also the backs are flat and there is nothing but a little nub holding the glass to the mandrel so there is some worry of the whole thing coming off and landing in my lap if I get a little too enthusiastic and pull too hard on the glass while encasing.   So far this has not happened but I may need to use extra caution when summer comes and I’m tempted to work in shorts.  🙂  So here they are… 

 The following one I just put up for bid on ebay.  Here is the auction link


The Artistic Hermit

Hi everyone, my name is Mandy Ramsdell and I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while.  I’d like to give those who already know me from my glass art a chance to know a bit more about me and to have a place to show new work and works in progress.   I’m a wife, mom to a four month old, we’re currently renovating a
house, I’m battling a serious addiction to DIY projects and in all the
rest of my time I run my glass bead and jewelry business. 

 Because I am pretty much a hermit and especially now so after the birth of my son, a blog is a way to share my ideas and thoughts with the world without having to leave my home in rural Maine.  What would I do without the internet?  I shudder to think.  I tend to get way too excited about things sometimes and I’m hoping that maybe by sharing my excitement with you it may prevent my head from exploding someday.