Art Abandonment

It’s no secret that there is a lot of negativity in the world right now, and a lot of it seems to be concentrated on Facebook. For those of us looking to bring more joy and inspiration in the world… or maybe just our Facebook feed, I highly recommend this group…

We put ourselves into our art. What’s more beautiful than putting ourselves into something, no matter how small or trivial and leaving it in the world for a stranger to find? Depending on how you abandon your art, you can’t be sure anyone will actually find it, or that the person who finds it will appreciate it. But art abandoners know that and do it anyway.

I haven’t formally abandoned a bead yet for this group. I live by the coast here in Maine, but we do have one sandy beach here locally. When I have flawed or experimental beads I like to build a sandcastle and decorate it with them and leave them there. They may be found that very day, or they may be buried and the sand or taken out to sea and never found.

I guess what I really love about it is the act of letting go of something. Whether we let go of our negativity or give a gift to the world, the world becomes a better place.



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