Artist’s Statement, About My Work

I am but a slave to the master of beauty and light. I live and breathe an ever changing dance of color and form. Glass is the medium that allows me to mimic this miracle of the universe best. Glass has a magic of its own and an ability to reflect and transmit light. I believe the reason we find this effect so beautiful is because light is our very essence. I hope that you can find a piece that resonates with you and reflects back the light in you. I will have served my master well.

I believe that nature is a constantly changing miracle, one that as modern day humans we have trained our minds to overlook, I find great joy and inspiration for my work by constantly reminding myself to look closely at my natural surroundings. Living in beautiful rural Downeast Maine makes this easy. I am fascinated by the tiny details present in nature and constantly challenge myself to make my work more and more detailed. In the form of such small beads this gives my work the same quality as nature. You must stop, be present and look closely to appreciate the beauty that is there.

How the Beads are Made

My beads are made in the flame of a torch through a process called lampwork. The glass is melted and wrapped around a thick wire so the beads are formed inside out. I use many different techniques to achieve fine details including pulling the glass into hair thin pieces to “draw” or “paint” on the bead. Some of my designs are encased for depth and dimension. Most of the glass I use is murano glass, produced in italy. The majority of my pieces incorporate dichroic glass which has the magical effect of making the beads sparkle, glow and appear to have their own source of light.

When the beads are finished they are placed directly into the kiln where they are kept hot for a period of time and then slowly cooled. This process gives them strength and durability. My designs are always changing and I’m always experimenting with new techniques and types of glass. Though I have a few signature designs most of my designs change and evolve over time, resulting in pieces that are truly unique. Because of the nature of glass and the process I use each individual piece is unique and one of a kind, even if it is the same design made in the same week. Because of this I photograph each individual piece I sell, so you will receive the exact same piece that is photographed.

I started making beads in 2004 and have been blessed to be able to do glass art full time since 2007.


Do you do special orders?

No, sorry. Because glass is a very unpredictable medium by it’s nature and the fact that I use many specialty glasses in my work that are not always available, I don’t take special orders. I do however like to hear your ideas and requests.

Are those real flowers encased in the beads?

No, the flowers are all created from tiny layered dots of glass. I first pull the colors of glass I want for the flower petals in strands so thin that they are flexible called “stringers”. After the base bead is made and the background detail is encased I use the stringers to make tiny dots placed in as perfect of a circle as I can on the surface of the bead. I then top these dots with a transparent color, and slowly melt them flush with the surface of the bead. If the flower has more than one layer of petals I repeat this step again. The “flowers” are later carefully encased in clear glass to create the depth and magnify the sparkle that you see in my floral beads. Some of the detail in my beads such as the butterflies are created by using murrini. Murrini is made by making a large design in glass and pulling it into a thin cane that when cool is cut into slices. The slices are then carefully heated, applied to the beads and encased. Using murrini allows me to get incredible detail in small beads.


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