New Murrini, Angler Fish

New murrini, an angler fish. As freaky and
awesome as these fish are why don’t they have a cooler name? Murrini is
made by making a large design and pulling it out into cane that when
cooled is then sliced into chips that you set and encase in
the glass beads. Making this reminded me of 4th grade when we had to do
reports on various creatures that live in the “midnight zone” of the
ocean. Some other lucky kid got to do a report on an angle fish and I
got assigned this… I’m still pretty annoyed about that.

Beads to come soon!


Halloween Already?

August is my favorite month. Here in Maine most of the evil biting insects are gone by August but it’s still fully summer. There are wild blueberries and gorgeous sunsets and fresh food aplenty in the garden. There are chanterelles (a wild mushroom that tastes better than lobster or bacon) to be found in the woods and wildflowers abound.  It’s also the month that I first start to make Halloween beads. I’ve just started feeling confident making my own murrini, so the possibilities of new designs are better than ever. To find these beads or some like them, here’s the link to my store.