Bezel Set Cabochon Pendants

I’ve wanted to make something like this for a very long time and finally came up with these.  They are a challenge as the cabochons have to be made on a special mandrel so it’s a little stressful to make them for a few reasons.  The area I usually add detail to is at a different angle so adding all the little dots that make up the flower petals is a lot more difficult than it would be on a regular bead.  Also the backs are flat and there is nothing but a little nub holding the glass to the mandrel so there is some worry of the whole thing coming off and landing in my lap if I get a little too enthusiastic and pull too hard on the glass while encasing.   So far this has not happened but I may need to use extra caution when summer comes and I’m tempted to work in shorts.  🙂  So here they are… 

 The following one I just put up for bid on ebay.  Here is the auction link