The Artistic Hermit

Hi everyone, my name is Mandy Ramsdell and I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while.  I’d like to give those who already know me from my glass art a chance to know a bit more about me and to have a place to show new work and works in progress.   I’m a wife, mom to a four month old, we’re currently renovating a
house, I’m battling a serious addiction to DIY projects and in all the
rest of my time I run my glass bead and jewelry business. 

 Because I am pretty much a hermit and especially now so after the birth of my son, a blog is a way to share my ideas and thoughts with the world without having to leave my home in rural Maine.  What would I do without the internet?  I shudder to think.  I tend to get way too excited about things sometimes and I’m hoping that maybe by sharing my excitement with you it may prevent my head from exploding someday.